Oracle OpenWorld 2011 – My Prediction Scores Rise

Tuesday at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW) was another busy day of sessions for me and Wednesday promises to be just as full.

The Tuesday morning keynote featured Michael Dell (founder and CEO of Dell Computer), followed by EVP of Systems at Oracle, John Fowler.  Not surprisingly, both focused on hardware, so there was little in either presentation that captured my interest.

Wednesday morning brought John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, delivering a great keynote about strategic directions and change in the technology industry.  He was followed by Oracle’s SVP of Application Development Steve Miranda, covering Oracle applications, including Fusion Applications, which are now generally available.

  • Exadata / Exalogic / Hardware
    • No change from yesterday.  I still get a B for predicting a new machine announcement, but not having any idea what it would be.
  • Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff

Benioff quickly rescheduled to deliver his presentation at a local hotel.  That is scheduled for 10:30 am Wednesday.

I’ll give myself an A here, and I’ll guarantee there will be more excitement still to come.

  • Fusion Applications
    • My Prediction: Ellison (and probably EVP of Product Development Thomas Kurian, in his keynote) will repeatedly emphasize the point that “Fusion is ready” (even if it isn’t).  However, I don’t expect any significant new announcements here.
    • What Happened So Far: Steve Miranda and Group VP of Oracle Fusion and GRC Apps Dev Chris Leone covered this in detail at the Applications General Session on Tuesday and again in Miranda’s keynote Wednesday morning.My grade has gone up to a B here.  I mistakenly expected Kurian to talk about Fusion, but the rest has been pretty accurate.
  • Oracle BI 11g
    • My Prediction: I don’t expect many new announcements in this area either, although there will be many conference sessions providing real-life details about Oracle’s BI products.  Any BI focus for OpenWorld keynotes will probably be part of a larger discussion of Fusion Applications.
    • What Happened So Far: This one goes up to a C, since I got most of the keynote part right (and the “many conference sessions”).
  • Hewlett Packard and Oracle
    • My Prediction: Ellison (and others) will focus on “HP as a competitor we want to destroy” and possibly attempt to portray HP as an even larger villain than SAP.
    • What Happened So Far: This grade is still an F.

So, that’s one A, two Bs, a C and an F.  That’s a 2.4 GPA, which won’t move me to the top of the class.

For now… I’ll leave you with this thought:

I’m looking forward to Benioff’s non-keynote Wednesday morning and Ellison’s keynote Wednesday afternoon.

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