Happy New Year 2011

Before looking forward to 2011 in this blog post, let’s take a few minutes to look back at 2010.  I launched “In the Limelight” at the beginning of July and posted 24 times (including the two video blog posts that Morris Beton and I recorded).

So many bloggers create “best of last year” and “predictions for the coming year” that those lists can become trite and repetitive.  I won’t post a list of predictions here.  Instead I’ll just list some areas of interest that I’ll be watching in 2011:

BI Industry

The big players (Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft, MicroStrategy) all have major new releases of their BI platforms.  Will that change the playing field or are these mostly “me too” commoditized changes?  What impact will relative newcomers like QlikTech and Tableau have?  Who will be the next wave of innovative vendors to gain traction?


How will Oracle’s recent aim at HP and IBM succeed?  What about the ongoing competition (and feud) with SAP?  Mark Hurd and Safra Catz will be co-presidents for the entire year.  What impact will we see from Hurd?  Will hardware continue to become more pervasive throughout Oracle’s offerings?  Will integrated hardware/software systems dominate their messaging?  If so, will they gain any traction with customers, especially with small and mid-size customers?

In addition, Oracle has acquired at least 35 different companies over the past five years, including nine in 2010 alone.  Who will be the acquisition targets of 2011?

Musical Theatre

My son will be working on his first Broadway musical (Catch Me If You Can), beginning later this month.  Based on its current schedule, it’ll be eligible for the 2011 Tony Awards in June.  How will it do?  Will Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark ever open?  If so, how will it be received?  What other shows will capture my attention?


The Seattle Seahawks (our local NFL team) became the worst team ever to qualify for the post season.  Will they get embarrassed in their first game?  Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots continue to be dominant all the way to the Super Bowl?  Will the addition of Cliff Lee make the Philadelphia Phillies rotation as good as expected?  Will the Seattle Mariners be any better than last year?  Will the threatened labor disputes in professional football and basketball result in cancelled games (or even entire cancelled seasons)?

For now…I’ll leave you with this thought:

Thank you for reading my blog in 2010.  I look forward to a busy and interesting 2011.

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