I’ve never been an actor, so I’ve never really been in the limelight on stage. However, I’ve delivered hundreds of presentations.  In quite a few cases, I’ve delivered the same presentation dozens of times.  When I do that, I find myself performing, just like an actor.  There are phrases I re-use, there is pacing that I rehearse and repeat, and there’s an audience reaction I’m trying to achieve.  When everything goes well, there’s positive feedback at the end (although, much to my disappointment, I rarely get applause).

I’m a VP of Engineering at Noetix Corporation, a business intelligence software company. I work closely with coworkers in every other department. I’ve managed sales teams, I spend lots of time talking with customers and prospects, and I discuss problems (and solutions) with peers in HR, Marketing, IT, Consulting, and Support. Colleagues frequently seek me out for advice, brainstorming and mentoring.  They come back again and again, so it seems the advice works out more often than not.  I’ll share a lot of those thoughts and ideas here.

Meanwhile, outside of the office, I have a passion (which some might call an obsession) for musical theatre. Theatre isn’t my job, but it’s a profession for my son and my daughter.  Themes from that world can cross over into business.  The same is true for any other outside interest — I find thoughts or situations that help me as a manager or as a mentor.   I’m a big sports fan, my wife and I love to travel, we enjoy wine, and I remember all sorts of useless trivia, so my inspirations come from a lot of different sources. I’ll share those kinds of thoughts here, too.

If you are interested in staying with me for future insights, monologues, and rants then I invite you to comment and will look forward to seeing you again soon.  I promise it won’t be boring.  After all, where else are you going to read observations from a sports following, world traveling, theatre loving technology guy?!

For now…I’ll leave you with this thought:

Business insights can come from places where you don’t expect them.
Be aware of opportunities to learn, even when you’re having fun.

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