Observations on “Corner Office”

Adam Bryant (Twitter: @NYTCornerOffice) writes a wonderful column called Corner Office for the New York Times.  Here’s the NYT description of the column:

 Corner Office, a feature by Adam Bryant appearing Fridays and Sundays in The New York Times, offers highlights from conversations about leadership and management.

Adam Bryant conducts interviews with chief executives for Corner Office, a feature about leadership and management in The New York Times and on NYTimes.com that he started in March 2009. It now appears twice weekly, on Friday and Sunday.

 Each column summarizes his Q&A session with a CEO (or other senior executive).  The questions are tailored for each interview, but the pattern is fairly consistent.  Each time, he covers the executive’s earliest leadership experiences and current leadership style.  Often, the discussion will explore how that style has evolved and how those early roles shaped that development.  In addition, there is generally a discussion of interviewing and hiring – What do you look for?  What questions do you ask?  The entire column is fairly short – typically one thousand words or so.

I’ve been reading Bryant’s column semi-regularly for the past few years and almost always find something intriguing or thought-provoking.   Frequently, I’ll emphatically agree with specific points the executives make.  Just as often, I’ll question or disagree with something they said.  Sometimes I discuss the columns with co-workers, but most of the time, my reactions end up being private, within my own head.

Recently, I recognized that I ought to use my blog as a forum to share those reactions (and possibly generate some dialog) about these columns.   So, from time to time, I’ll post a column that analyzes interviews from Corner Office.

For now…I’ll leave you with this thought:

Adam Bryant’s Corner Office column offers thought-provoking insights on managing and leading – it’s worth reading.

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