A New Beginning

My wife and I have moved to London and moved into our new flat last week. Packed within that sentence are a whole lot of life changes for both of us.

Back in January, I was asked to take a new role within SDL, to look after the development of the Language Technology products.  Though the responsibilities are similar to my previous position (managing development of SDL’s Social Intelligence products), this is a significantly larger role.  There are many more products, with a much larger team developing them.  The revenue generated by the Language products is tens of millions of pounds (compared to just a few million for the Social products). In addition, the products provide a foundation for SDL’s Language Services that delivers more than £100 million in additional revenue.

Once I agreed to accept the new job, Sheri and I faced the logistics of winding down our lives in the Seattle area and moving to the UK.  Sheri gradually wrapped up all the active projects in her interior design business and shuttered it for at least a few years.  We sold the house we had lived in for twenty years.  We sold our cars, sold some of our furniture, put other furnishings into storage, and shipped the rest (along with clothes, kitchen supplies and other household items) in a container bound for London.  It’s difficult to explain how complex and stressful those months of packing and moving were!

Now that we’ve arrived, we’re settling into life in London.  Both of us are looking forward to new adventures and new challenges.  There’s obviously the job change for me, with new products and technologies to learn, new colleagues to get to know, and a new industry to understand.  For Sheri, there’s the prospect of deciding how to fill her days and weeks, with her design business no longer commanding her attention.  We hope to have opportunities to travel through Europe, in addition to experiencing an urban life in central London.

For now…I’ll leave you with this thought:

Big changes can bring new opportunities as well as new challenges.  Don’t be afraid of them.

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