An Ending and a Beginning

Last Friday (22 February) was my last day at Noetix. After almost twelve years, I’ve moved on to a new opportunity.

On Monday 25 February, I started a new adventure as VP of Product Development for the Social Intelligence division of SDL. Here’s the “official” description of our division (whose primary product can be found here):

SDL Social Intelligence offers an enterprise suite of social intelligence tools and services that includes social media monitoring, listening, analytics and predictive insights.

What does that mean, in plain English? I’ll answer that in two parts.

We collect information from social media conversations – micro blogs (like Twitter), social networking (like Facebook or MySpace), blogs, rich media (like YouTube) and others. We aggregate and organize those conversations (classifying it by geography, gender, and other tags). We also analyze the content of the conversations, using text analysis and keyword matching to determine sentiment, emotion and topics. All of that gets stored in a big data warehouse.

Once we have that data warehouse, we provide tools and services for our clients, giving them insights based on those conversations. From that standpoint, much of what we do is similar to what a market research firm does with surveys, focus groups and questionnaires. With our products and services, we can help our clients understand what their customers (or prospective customers) are thinking, based on the conversations those people are having online. That can be incredibly powerful.

In upcoming posts, I’ll explore some of these ideas in more detail, while also continuing to offer thoughts on management, theatre, baseball and whatever else seems interesting.

For now…I’ll leave you with this thought:

My years at Noetix were wonderful and I have fond memories of the people and products there. I’m now ready for (and very excited about) a new challenge at SDL.

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